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Waiting List & Applications



You are applying for a one-bedroom unit located in Prior Lake, which has been designated for those who are elderly (62 or older) and/or disabled.  A copy of the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) definition of disabled is available for your review (click here).  If you do not meet the elderly and/or disabled definition, you are unable to apply for this waiting list.  You are welcome to apply for our Rural Development units located in Belle Plaine or Jordan (information below).

Our office will notify you in writing when we are in receipt of your application and your name is placed on the waiting list.  If your pre-application is incomplete or you are in-eligible, you will also be notified in writing.

Once your name has been placed on our Waiting List, it may take one to three years before your name reaches the top of the list.  When your name nears the top of the list, you will be contacted in writing and asked to make an appointment to fill out a complete application packet to determine full eligibility for the Public Housing Program.  If you are found eligible, you will be offered a unit when one becomes available.

Applicants will be placed on the waiting list in the order their completed application is received.

Eligibility Requirements:

1.  You must be a U.S. Citizen, or a non-citizen with eligible immigration status.

2.  You must income qualify per household size.  The maximum gross income limits are:

Household Size

Gross Income

1 Person


2 Persons



You are required to notify the Scott County CDA (in writing) of any change of address.  If our office cannot contact you at the address provided on your application, your name may be removed from the waiting list, and you will have to re-apply when the waiting list is open. Please send changes of address to the address at the top of this page.


Pre-Application for 1 Bedroom Public Housing 



The Scott County CDA has RURAL DEVELOPMENT apartment buildings located in Jordan and Belle Plaine. The Federal aid that the Scott County CDA receives from USDA Rural Development provides project-based rental assistance* in towns where the population is less than 20,000. The apartment building in Jordan, called Britland (see brochure), has 1-3 bedroom units. The apartment building located in Belle Plaine, called Belle Haven (see brochure), has an efficiency, 1 & 2 bedroom units. Tenants receiving rental assistance pay no more than 30% of their adjusted income for rent. Applicants must meet income guidelines established by HUD. Applicants must also meet Scott County CDA eligibility requirements (rental, credit and criminal background checks).

*Not all of the units have a subsidy; however, the rent without subsidy is below market rate.

Please read the application carefully and complete all sections. 

Map for Jordan location.  Map for Belle Plaine location.

Click here for application.

If you have questions, please call 952-402-9022 x226 or email the property manager.


The Section 8 waiting list is NOT OPEN at this time.  If you are already on a waiting list and want to check your status, please call 1-888-302-1869.

Check to find out what subsidized housing waiting lists are open.  Click here for a list of subsidized properties not owned or managed by the CDA.