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Homebuyer Counseling

Homebuyer Counseling

Homebuyer counseling provides buyers one-on-one support during the homebuying process. A certified Homeownership Advisor can help you to:

  • Review your credit report and address any barriers to homeownership
  • Establish how much you can afford
  • Identify loan and down payment assistance programs
  • Go over your budget and identify ways to save for down payment, closing costs, and/or home maintenance expenses
  • Create an Action Plan to accomplish your homeownership goals
  • And much, much more!

Homebuyer Counseling is available in person or by phone. Download Homebuyer Counseling Registration materials. For questions or more information, contact our Homeownership Office Assistant, Stacy G. at 952.402.9022 x224.

Participants may be eligible for a grant from the Scott County CDA. The grant never needs to be repaid and can be used toward down payment or closing costs. Learn more about the Homebuyers' Club grant criteria

If you have a signed Purchase Agreement and Loan Estimate/Transaction Summary from your lender, and you have completed the Scott County CDA Homebuyers' Club and met with a certified Homeownership Advisor (or will have before closing), then you can apply for a Homebuyers' Club grant

Homebuyers' Club grant applications can take up to 30 days to be approved, so it's important to submit your completed application at least 30 days before your scheduled closing. Grant applications must be complete with all required documents and signatures (including one from your lender) before they will be reviewed. 

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Materials can also be picked up at our office or mailed to you. For more information about Homebuyer Counseling or the grant, contact our homeownership Office Assistant, Stacy G. at 952.402.9022 x224.